Watch as male pastor explains how God instructed him to wear ladies heels. Wonders shall never cease as social media went crazy after a male pastor wears heels to church. The pastor has gone viral on social media and as always he has been trolled up to the extent that he has been given the name Heels Pastor.

Watch as male pastor explains how God instructed him to wear ladies heels

After receiving so much backlash from people he has explained why he wears women shoes to church saying that it has helped him to avoid body pain and other illnesses.

The Togolese pastor has caused a frenzy on various social media platforms with most wondering why a man of God is wearing women’s shoes. However the pastor has said that this was an instruction he received from God saying he used to wear man’s shoes until the body pains began.

“I wore men’s shoes…but I suffered from it. I have long suffered from illnesses such as body aches and other ailments that numerous medical consultations could not cure.

“In my prayers, God himself revealed himself to me and advised me to wear these shoes that you see…since then I’ve been running it 24/7, my pain is gone,” the man of God is quoted as having said. Heels Kenya.


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However since he wears women’s shoes rumours had already been going around that he also wears women’s clothes.

Heels Pastor pulpit“I don’t wear women’s clothes like people have said on social media but I wear all kinds of shoes, according to the calling I received.” Well, since he said it is an instruction from God, it remains between him and the creator.

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