Watch as Enzo and Mpilo’s wedding on Unmarried steals the show; Runaway bride gets Mzansi talking. At the debut of the third season of Unmarried, the viewers were introduced to a trio of best friends who have been there for each other since high school.

Watch: Enzo and Mpilo’s wedding

Enzo, Rea and Confidence have proved that a true friendship can stand the test of time as long as any deed comes from a place of love. The three have been struggling with relationship stuff in the mix of it all. Enzo’s relationships are in the limelight, so she faces more problems than most.

After Enzo is caught kissing her side boyfriend by Mpilo, who is her main, she can not choose between them. So she opts for a polyamorous relationship, which does not work either. Mpilo had thugs sent to Kgafela’s place to beat him up. This and other abusive tendencies of Mpilo end up with Enzo having no choice but to stay with Mpilo. Her mother is threatened to silence by Mpilo’s mother because of her secrets about how her husband died.

This leads to the pair engaging even if Enzo wants nothing to do with Mpilo anymore. The thing that has always been a constant is her best friends. Despite learning that Rea has been trolling her on the internet and uninviting her to the wedding Rea still can not stay away. She feels her friend is making a mistake and would instead save her than listen to her. So that takes us to last night’s episode where Enzo was about to wed Mpilo and make the biggest mistake of her life.

Enzo and Mpilo’s wedding steals the show on Unmarried
Two uninvited guests crash the wedding reception, and Enzo starts to sweat and lose her focus. When the preacher is getting ready for his opening remarks, the bride’s focus is everywhere except her groom.

With subtle nods of heads between the three best friends and ditched boyfriend, the bride makes a run for it. Her maid of honour gives a cheap excuse of wanting to touch up her makeup, and the three best friends get in the getaway car and flee the venue. This leaves a frustrated Mpilo to clean up the mess.


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Fans of the show were left with mixed feelings at the end of that episode. Despite people agreeing that the wedding party looked good in their suits and dresses, the rest of the scenes left a sour taste in people’s mouths.

Enzo’s dress was probably one of the best wedding dresses ever seen on Mzansi screens this year. Instead of the crown, she opted for a stylish headband that suited her style. However, viewers complained of the poor acting that was portrayed by the team. It looked so obvious that they were acting, and many hoped this was not the end of the season.

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