“The Love of a Mother”: Mum Gives Birth to 11 Blind Children, Dutifully Takes Care of Them in Video. A mum has strangely given birth to 11 children who are all blind from birth despite medical reports telling her all was well In a video seen on YouTube, the mother who is a widow struggles alone to take good care of the blind children.

Mum Gives Birth to 11 Blind Children

The story has shocked many people who are wondering exactly why the woman’s children all came out with visual impairment.

The video of Agnes Nespondi, a Kenyan woman, who gave birth to 11 blind children, has attracted attention on YouTube. The 8 minutes 10 seconds clip was posted on the platform by Afrimax English and it shows the mum struggling to survive with her kids.

Agnes said all her kids were born blind even though doctors always told her that all was well during pregnancy.


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All the children are grown except the last two who are still kids. Interestingly, no medical reason has been given for their blindness.

One of her sons is already married and has children. His wife is the one who strives to care for the kids. Life became so unbearable for the widow and her children after the passing of her husband who died in the 90s. People have been moved to tears by the story of this family.

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