What this teacher did for this little girl its amazing. A teacher shared a picture of herself doing something amazing for her learner.

What this teacher did for this little girl its amazing

Teachers during their lunchtime they want to eat and relax. But for this teacher it’s a different story, as during her lunchtime instead of eating or taking a break, she takes her time doing her leaners hair, not only is she giving away her lunchtime but she also uses her money to buy the hairpiece to do their hair.

Sometimes as parents we don’t have the time to do things for our kids or even the money to make them look as good as other kids because of different reason ,nsowee’s why some kids come to school looking the way they do. But instead of making fun of the kid make a difference in that kid’s life by making her gain self-confidence.

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What this teacher did shows that she loves her job and not only her job but also the kids she spends the whole day with because that’s also part of her job. To her, it’s not about making money, but it’s about going beyond that.

The little girl won’t forget what her teacher did for her because it’s not every day whereby teachers do this kind of thing. And people were impressed by what she did because it’s rare. Teachers are amazing, we salute them.

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