Whites Only University in South Africa is proving to be a success. While politicians groan at the idea of the private sector building a successful project without their involvement, the Afrikaners-only University (Sol Tech) is proving to be a success.

Whites Only University in South Africa is proving to be a success

Politicians like to be begged, bribed, and bought to do their job so when people took upon themselves to build major projects they will say anything to tarnish the projects and ultimately stop it. The same happens when the Sol Tech idea was pitched to the public, EFF was on the forefront with a wrenching ball while the tender king Panyaza Lesufi called the idea bad and regressive.

But the citizens replied that what’s bad is giving tenders to ANC members and allowing our public schools to collapse while the pass rate is dismally low. Raising R300 million from R10 donations on a minimum doesn’t seem like a bad idea after all.

The brain behind the project (Flip Buys) said that the project is now complete and ready to start offering courses. Even though the government can throw tantrums and refuse to certify the course, the business leaders will recognize the strength and robustness of the curriculum and start hiring the graduates.

Sol Tech is looking forward to work with different stakeholders to offer future-orientated courses especially in Advanced programming and AI. While Sol Tech itself has been registered and accredited since 2006 it is the Afrikaners only campus that is raising the ire of many social justice warriors.

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Sol Tech is also a response to The South Africa Teachers Trade Union that continues to have a vice grip on the Department of Education making unreasonable demands while our students are failing. This has created a lot of uninspired generation of University applicants with little curiosity to learn anything outside the textbook.

Sol Tech will offer an alternative to what Panyaza Lesufi and other leaders in the department of education both Basic and Tertiary are cooking. We can not have one menu in the restaurant and if the restaurant sucks then maybe you can also build a better one and compete rather than complaining.

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