Who is that person? – R1.3 million alcohol bill at Pretoria nightclub shocks the nation. The videos of what really went down at a Pretoria club have since gone viral, where a whooping R1.3 million was spent in a couple of few hours!

Who is that person? – R1.3 million alcohol bill at Pretoria nightclub shocks the nation (W

This customer and his entourage definitely don’t have concerns about ‘Januworry’ as the rest of Mzansi, after forking out over R1 million to pay for their bill over the weekend.
A picture posted on Twitter has gone viral of a bill from Lifestyle Brooklyn restaurant and nightclub in Pretoria.

The establishment describes itself as a trendy place combined with music, delicious food and a good vibe.

From the receipt, it’s evident that the group had a feast and the time of their lives.

A portion of the R1 million was at least spent on food.

Some of the items they ordered include the masala platter (lamb chops, hake, prawns, ribs and wings), costing R650, and a full lifestyle platter, consisting of chicken drumsticks and wings, brisket and sausage, costing R550.


The picture of the receipt shows the majority of the bill came from the booze, particularly for the budget-buster Ace of Spade Rose champagne.

Ace of Spade has become a status symbol for high-flying club-goers, and is featured on many celebrities social media posts.

Lifestyle Brooklyn charges R10,000 for one bottle of Ace of Spades – and this table ordered 100 bottles.

But the extravagance didn’t end there.






50 bottles of Veuve Rich, totalling R100,000, 20 bottles of Dom Perignon Luminous, totalling R120,000 and three bottles of Glenfiddich whiskey, totalling R28,500 were also ordered.

The waiter must have been very pleased, because the service tip of 10% was R124,995.
The grand total for the table’s bill was roughly R1.3 million.

Twitter was divided by this extravagant and exorbitant bill, with some saying it’s someone with “new money” who is wasting it on alcohol.




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Others wondered if the receipt was real, and whether some criminal activity could have been involved in the big cash splash.

Here are some of the tweeps’ reactions





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