A concerned mother decided to vent her frustration over Facebook last week after ordering a deep-fried chicken from a restaurant and getting a deep-fried towel instead.Woman orders fried chicken, gets a deep-fried towel instead – Video

Woman orders fried chicken, gets a deep-fried towel instead - Video

Alique Perez said the chicken came from a fast food restaurant chain called Jollibee that is most popular in the Philippines and famously known for their fried chicken and their tagline, Home of the Famous Chickenjoy!

Perez said she thought the videos she saw of people on social media getting weird stuff in their orders were fake. However, after this experience, now she’s a believer.

“Just something that frustrated me this late. We had Jollibee delivered via grab. Ordered chicken for my son, while I was trying to get him a bite, I found it super hard to even slice.

“Tried opening it up with my hands and to my surprise a deep-fried towel. This is really disturbing … How the hell do you get the towel in the batter and even fry it? Yung totoo? I really thought that the post complaining about weird stuff in their orders were just all made up, now I know that it really happens.

“So disgusting and embarrassing … to think that you’re even branched in BGC. There’s a first for everything. And this has been the worst first! Calming myself down for this … But WTH. Now I can’t even think of the other chickenjoys na kasama while frying this.

“Having the same oil for how many hours after frying this FRIED TOWEL. You may get your chickenjoy pero baka may kasabay nang towel. The essence of the towel contaminated the oil and the batter from the supplier so how many chickenjoys are affected? We won’t know …” wrote Perez.


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Her post has reached over 87 000 shares, and 2 000 comments since the time of publication.

Some people took the opportunity to poke fun at the situation.

One user wrote: “When you just want to eat dinner but are asked to take a bath first.”

Another user wrote: “I have just decided I don’t like fried chicken any more,” while a third user said: “Fried towel looks yummy.”

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