Yolanda Vilakazi speaks on Kwesta proposing to her. Yolanda Vilakazi has “addressed” allegations that her husband, Kwesta cheated on her and proposed for the second time as a way of apologizing.

Yolanda Vilakazi speaks on Kwesta proposing to her


Kwesta broke the internet after blogger Musa Khawula alleged that he cheated on his partner of 12 years. Kwesta and Yolanda were wedded in 2018 and have two daughters together.

Yolanda Vilakazi was clearly caught off guard, judging from her posts on Instagram.



After Tweeps suspected that the proposal was Kwesta’s way of saying sorry, Yolanda addressed the issue on Instagram and said they are still married. She said Kwesta proposed because initially, he had never proposed to her. She said:

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Niyayithanda I-context. I’m Zulu so my husband honoured my parents when he asked for my hands many years ago. He sent a letter and paid lobola. Then he gave me the ring. Years latter he did the membeso, umbondo, white wedding and umabo. Last night was him giving me the proposal he feels I never got. That’s all! We are married! ❤️


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