It seems AKA is trying to live a drama free life if his latest stance is anything to go by. He is even opted out of a twar with Cassper a few days ago after the later called him a tooth pick. AKA Ignores Cassper’s Jab. You won’t believe what Cassper just called AKA.

You won't believe what Cassper just called AKA

This is rare given their history and the fact that they have been beefing for most of their careers. They even have a boxing match scheduled for 2021 so that they can see who is the top dog, once and for all.

Cassper took a jab at AKA on Twitter when he commented on a post by social media user that screen recorded a story from AKA, showcasing himself pulling weights. In it the “BHOVAMANIA” creator showcases that his arms are taking shaping as we can only presume that he is also getting match fit.

Instead of engaging with him, AKA is promoting his newly released Banana flavored Cruz Vodka.

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Or maybe it’s becuase the rapper is busy playing his brand new PS5 which his girlfriend Nelli bought for him. And AKA has been focused on promoting his friends that have released their new projects.

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