Zanele Mafe finally speaks and reveals what a white man promised him. Zanele Mafe finally shares his side of the story and you will not believe who he implicates. Since his arrest Zanele Mafe has become a popular man, he is accused of burning the parliament building and was arrested on the 2nd of January 2022.

What is funny is that the man has been in prison for two weeks but he has not said a word or been allowed to give his side of the story. However he finally got the chance to speak and what he said left a lot of people wondering if this is true or we are watching a movie talk about conspiracy.Also readSee how Rami Chuene has managed to build an empire for herself.

The media was not allowed into the urgent bail hearing but below are his exact words;


“At the place, an unknown white man told me that I would be sentenced to death for burning parliament unless I co-operated with them. I was terrified and as a result I promised to ‘co-operate’ with whatever they may require of me. However, this turned out to be an empty promise from the white man as I was not released and I am still in police custody almost two weeks later.”

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It seems these people might have taken advantage of his vulnerability and fear and tricked him into taking the blame for something he did not do. However at this point it is just a statement which is not backed by any evidence and also taking into account that he might be mentally ill and schizophrenic.

But if we are talking about conspiracy theories he might be just a pawn a much larger scheme and the schizophrenic allegations might just be a way of silencing him and making whatever he says questionable.

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