Zenande Mfenyana demoted from church duties because she had s_x before marriage. Lately Christianity has caused a lot of debate as many people now go to church to check up on what other people are doing.

Zenande Mfenyana demoted from church duties because she had s_x before marriage

Time spent on worshiping and praising the Lord is now less compared to the time spent judging one another. It seems like our very own Zenande Mfenyane The Queen actress who welcomed her beautiful baby last year was once subjected to the judgment from her fellow church members.

The issue of s_x has been a very big issue on its own and the topic on sex before marriage brings about a lot of debate specially when one considers the times we are living were s_x before marriage is kind of an in thing.

When Zenande Mfenyana raised the topic out of frustrations it sparked a heated argument. She kept her pregnancy a secret up until she could not hide it anymore. She later gave birth to baby girl and today we’re talking about falling pregnant as a Christian which was brought up by Zenande.

We cannot say for certain whether the actress was talking about herself but it sounded like she was talking about her experience when she went on twitter and wrote: “One day we must discuss the Biblical concept of being asked to step down from the worship team coz you have fallen pregnant. Is this in the scriptures? Or is it done to humiliate the expectant mom? Why is s_x seen as a punishment in the church? Questions we will one day tackle.”

Its a topic which always manages to spark a great debate and her followers immediately expressed their views on the issue with some even referring to scriptures showing how s_x before marriage is a sin.


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Another added her experience. “In my case I worshiped until I decided to stop going to church and focus on my pregnancy. After giving birth I continued with serving God in worship. I had asked for forgiveness from God. I didn’t care about what the church thought was right because even judging is a sin”.



S-x out of marriage is a sin.

Some churches they believe in “No S_x Before Marriage” hence your pregnancy will disrespect the laws of your Pastor, then you have to be demoted once you become.

They also don’t remove drunkards”

“My only problem with this practice is the boys goe free, he even leads the songs and interprets for the Pastor while the lady is in shame, why coz boys dnt fall pregnant? They committed the same act so they must ‘punished’ 2geda”

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