Zion church’s balloon tlof tlof angers Mzansi. Baby shower games have invaded a church and Mzansi is not pleased! A Zion church has left many questioning if churches really practice what they preach.

Zion church’s balloon tlof tlof angers Mzansi

This comes after a video showing congregants inside a church playing the balloon game while they’re wearing church uniforms started trending.

Congregants are seen bouncing on each other’s butts and 4-5s using these balloons. Maria Mokone said this is what happens when a youth pastor is in charge.

“I’m actually shocked. I thought Zion churches were strict but I see they play games, literally,” said Maria.

Lydia Mbatha said these types of games are not for church and as a zion church Congregant, this makes her furious.

“I’m more furious at the elders sitting right there and watching this nonsense. I’m disappointed in you,” said Lydia.

Mandla Mthombeni said he hasn’t been to church since he was a little kid but now after sent this video, he’s definitely going.

“I’m seeing a playground with a possibility of me scoring myself a hun. I’ll definitely attend,” said Mandla.

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Sibongile Zwane said last week her sister told her that congregants from her church were playing this game and she didn’t believe her.

“It was just hard to believe because this is a place to worship God and it’s suppose to be respected. I’m annoyed shame,” said Sibongile.

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