Zodwa Wabantu’s ex Vusi Buthelezi has responded to the star’s claims that he is a fraudster and used her while they were a couple.Zodwa Wabantu’s ex Boyfriend Vusi Buthelezi finally speaks out

Zodwa Wabantu’s ex Boyfriend Vusi Buthelezi finally speaks out

Zodwa and Vusi hit the top of the trends list after Zodwa posted a video on her Instagram account in which she claimed that her ex was a fraudster.Zodwa Wabantu’s ex Boyfriend Vusi Buthelezi finally speaks out

The reality television star and socialite claimed that Vusi was a fraudster and that she had proof.

She said that she has opened a criminal case against her ex and that she was not scared of him.

“You slept in my house for a year, I paid for everything.

“You used my contacts and connections to get a new Audi because you knew my name would help you.

“Please give me back everything that is mine, I am coming for you and I am not scared”, she said.

Taking to Twitter to respond to her claims from a new, Vusi said that Zodwa was going through a lot and needed help. He also said that he was not hiding from her.

“Please note that Zodwa is going through a lot, I remain committed to helping her heal, as a friend. I have never used my twitter account prior to this, decided to do so to encourage everyone to send love, compassion and light to Zodwa”, he said in one tweet.

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In another, he said that “no car was bought in anyone’s name, that is an unfortunate lie paddled by social media, not Zodwa.”

He added: “Last tweet on the matter, I am not hiding, I will make myself available to answer to whatever case Zodwa has opened against me. More importantly, I am not offended nor do I intend on fighting anyone, as I understand her mental challenges. Let us show her compassion.”

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