A Fan Almost Faints After Meeting Uncle Waffles. This past weekend Uncle Waffles hosted a meet and greet in East London and the fans came out in numbers to show her support. At the end of her gig, when she was getting ready to go home fans surrounded her tour bus asking for pictures.

A Fan Almost Faints After Meeting Uncle Waffles

One fan, in disbelief asked the musician to touch his hand and she did, leading him to lose his mind. He asked for this again and Uncle Waffles touched him again and he almost fainted. Luckily for him there were people behind him to catch him from falling on the ground.

South African Swazi-born DJ, Lungelihle Zwane popularly known as Uncle Waffles is an up and coming DJ who has taken the music industry by storm.

From an early age Uncle Waffles always knew she was going to do something in the art, she just wasn’t sure what.

After completing her high school studies, the musician enrolled at the University of KwaZulu-Natal to study information technology. However, that didn’t last long as she discovered that music is what she wanted to pursue and dropped out to focus on her career as a DJ.

Following a video of the rising star playing at a club in Joburg with the crowd entertained by her stage presence and dance moves, Drake caught wind of the video and following her instantly. The clip, which currently sits on millions views, Waffles has become a household name in the club scene and continues to get booked week in week out.

Knowing the nature of the music industry and trying to avoid mistakes made by her fellow musicians, Uncle Waffles also has her sight focused on growing her business. She has founded Uncle Waffles Music, a record label and production company. Through Uncle Waffles Music she has released several mixtapes and singles. She also founded a popular blog which features interviews with top South African DJs and producers.

Uncle Waffles also shared in her popular blog that she grew up with her grandmother and only learned about her mother later in life.


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“Growing up, I didn’t understand why I didn’t live with my mother or father; as a kid, the only reason you think of is the only thing that would make sense. That they didn’t want you, so, unfortunately, that’s where the foundation started, I moved back with my mom at nine, and I felt I didn’t know her, so it was hard getting used to that, and with that came a lot of silent struggles, till the beginning of this year.”

In the past Uncle Waffles has opened up about her struggles with anxiety. She revealed that it hinders many things in her life.

“I have severe anxiety and that hinders a lot of things in my life. That’s like a complete crutch in my life. There are so many things I cannot do.

Despite her battle with Anxiety, Waffles has decided to take a leap of faith.

“Anxiety is something that you can’t really explain because it is a feeling of complete helplessness.”

“You can’t help what it affects and how it affects you. It can affect your whole life and unfortunately, it’s been affecting mine but you know I took a leap of faith. And I was like – you know what? I can’t keep on making so many excuses.”

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