Actress Pearl Thusi Steamy S.£X Video Trends On Twitter. Wu Assassins , whose sequel takes on a feature film format in Fistful of Vengeance was released on Thursday, 17 February.

Actress Pearl Thusi Steamy S.£X Video Trends On Twitter

The film follows the first season of Wu Assassins Netflix series, which sadly was not renewed for a second season.

Pearl Thusi – who previously helmed Africa’s first original Netflix series Queen Sono – plays the role of Zama, a feisty street fighter.

Set in Bangkok, Thailand, Zama gets caught up in the Wu Assassin trio’s plan to avenge one of their own. This, all whilst going up against deadly ancient Chinese forces.

According to film writer Sergio Perreira, the movie boasts stellar stunt and action choreography. Pearl Thusi also displays fantastic fighting skills, claims the critic.

He wrote in a review: “Pearl Thusi’s gun-fu style looks like it could’ve been pulled straight out of John Wick as she certainly makes a claim to being cast in future action flicks”.

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But whilst Pearl Thusi’ s fighting skills have viewers impressed, it’s her action in the bedroom that has tweeps really salivating.



Her character Zama plays the love interest to character Lu Xin Lee, played by actor Lewis Tan. The pair have viewers squirming with a steamy sex scene which features plenty of chemistry.

“Please don’t make the whole movie about my sex scene with @TheLewisTan coz I know y’all”, Pearl Thusi jokingly tweeted on Wednesday.


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