On Friday AKA shared bad news with South Africans. The Fela In Versace hitmaker announced on his social media pages that he tested positive for COVID-19.AKA Confesses WHO Paid Him To Make His Covid-19 Test Results Public,

The rapper released a statement stating that the reason he has decided to make his results public is that he wants to create awareness around the virus, to caution fans to be more careful of their daily interactions and never forget to sanitize at all times.AKA Confesses WHO Paid Him.

As fans were still sympathising with him sending him goodwill messages they noticed something odd. AKA was all happy on social media writing way too many things all at once.

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His followers started questioning his jolly mood. I mean one would expect the rapper to be a bit down and offish as he newly learnt of his COVID-19 status. But no, AKA was too excited joking with fans he even went as far as telling a fan to lick an elevator at a mall so they can also test positive.

Yaaa nee… then things took a sudden turn, boom Mega hit us with a bomb that we weren’t ready for. The rapper confessed that the World Health Organisation (WHO) paid him a sum of R55 million rands.

AKA Confesses WHO Paid Him To Make His Covid-19 Test Results Public

According to AKA, WHO paid him to lie about his test results and say he tested positive. Yohhhh….. Surprised, right? Well don’t be you can actually check out his tweet below.

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