AKA loses R10 000 after Man City beats Man U with 6 -3. AKA loses R10 000 after his football club, Manchester United lost to Manchester City on Sunday, 2nd of October, at the Etihad stadium.

AKA loses R10 000 after Man City beats Man U with 6 -3

The South African rapper is a huge fan of the football club and he’s expressed his love in diverse ways, one of which is the Man-U tattoo he has on his arm.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday, Kiernan Forbes flaunted the bet he made; he bragged about gaining R50k extra at the end of the match, as he was hopeful the match will favor him.



Minutes later, the football match concluded at 6 – 3.

AKA was pained at the loss which he didn’t see coming; he took to Twitter to express his heartbreak, knowing that he’s lost a whopping R10k.





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However, he moved on almost immediately, as he shared a lovely photo of himself and his family (Nadia Nakai, Kairo Forbes, Lynn Forbes) rocking the Man U jersey.

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