Anele Mdoda is the latest star to highlight the matter of human trafficking through a series of posts on Twitter airing the suspicious that occurred in her hotel room this past Saturday. Anele Mdoda breathes fire after escaping human trafficking suspects.

Anele Mdoda breathes fire after escaping human trafficking suspects

The first tweet served as ambiguous tweet that let fans know that there was a weird occurrence that took place in her hotel. Anele did not just that it is the hotel she was staying at, but Cape Town as a whole that has an air of “some dodgy sh*t going down.”

Not intending to gaslight with the post, however with the country currently speaking on the matter of human trafficking quickly decided on the nationality of the intruders that walked into her hotel room.

Another detail that Anele’s first post revealed was that the unknown men had entered into her hotel room by using access cards to gain entry.

This is despite Anele and the rest of her team having no knowledge as to who the men were. Additionally, Anele suggested that she wanted footage or a report as to how the criminals gained entry. When asked what remedial action she plans to take she stated not to know, and she will decide after receiving the report from the hotel.


In the most recent tweet on the events of the night, Anele made sure to clarify that it was not foreign nationals of any kind of descent that were in her room. Currently, in South Africa, there is heightened sensitivity and prejudice expressed towards foreign nationals. As a country, we have a sordid relationship with xenophobia that has been exacerbated the pandemic and the effects it has had on the economy and employment locally.

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Another detail revealed through the aforementioned post, was Anele’s suggestion of the occurrence being an inside job. Anele shared that she remembered the “weird” exchange that the unidentified men had with her designer.

Anele might seriously think that the designer is involved with the drama that took place as the star has not shared said designers name, despite having posted several visuals of her in the statement feathered cape and blue dress

And it seems that Anele might have been right in sharing the experience. This is after another social media user coming out and attesting to have had a similar experience when they had stayed over in Cape Town. The tweet details an experience of security verifying her check-in in the early hours of the morning.

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