Imbewu: The Seed fans are not happy with the way the telenovela’s story writers abruptly cut Bhululu’s character. Another Bhululu coming back. This time not with Zandile.

Another Bhululu coming back. This time not with Zandile.

Bhululu is a snake that acts on the telenovela alongside Zandile. The snake was given to Zandile by Mpangele to lure Nkululeko back into her life.

However, Bhululu’s storyline came to an end last week after the curse was reversed. Bhululu vanished and Zandile’s world came crumbling down as Nkululeko regained his senses. Now he wants nothing to do with Zandile.

Bhululu’s dramatic exit from the telenovela has got many calling for his return, as fans believe there is more to his storyline.

Fans were expecting more drama and action but that was not the case.

Andisiwe Anita Hlazo – Bhululu’s soul can’t just rest in peace just like that, we want more.


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Tiny Serein- Deep down I miss Bhululu
Mashie Grace Mrebwa – Bhululu must come back he must fight, he can’t go just like that.
Sheunesu Mutenai – Imbewu without Bhululu won’t be the same

Mangcobo Mkize – Bhululu can drive yahoo haayi its strange but l miss his character

Bhululu was one of those characters that fans used to hate loving. He really scared many out of their wits.
Here are some of the reactions on social media;

Meanwhile, another actor has also exited Imbewu. Actor Nkansiyo Mchunu who plays the role of Nkululeko has left the telenovela. Speaking on his exit from Imbewu: The Seed , Nkansiyo said;

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