Sfiso Ncwane, the late gospel singer’s children are taking their step mother Ayanda Ncwane to the High Court after claims that she faked their father’s will.

They are demanding a share of their late father’s property. They also want Ayanda to be removed as the executor of the estate because they say she is dishonest.

The two children Snqobile Mzelemu and Sduduzo Dlamini have taken their step mother to the Master of High Court.The kids, Sduduzo Dlamini and Snqobile Mzelemu have now enlisted the services of legal eagle Bongiwe Nene to take Ayanda to court to answer a case of fraudulently signing Sfiso Ncwane’s will and testimony.

Said Bongiwe ” We have finally scrutinised Sfiso’s will and can state, without doubt, that Ayanda, who is also the sole beneficiary, signed it. This on it’s own is suspicious and raises a lot of questions”.

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Bongiwe went on further to explain how Ayanda Ncwane’s lawyer, Nhlanhla Mnculwane, should have picked up the discrepancy seeing that he has been working with Sfiso Ncwane”s will for years. “As a lawyer, he should have satisfied himself that Sfiso’s will met all requirements”

But Ayanda’s legal representatives said he wasn’t aware his client signed Sfiso Ncwane’s will.Insisted Nhanhla “I don’t know what to say because I wasn’t aware of this. Actually, I never checked the signature and I didn’t know Ayanda’s signature was on the will. As a lawyer, I know that a person can’t sign a will share or she is also a beneficiary. It’s unlawful and disqualifies the person from benefiting”

Nhlanhla also put it out there that he is not the one who helped prepare Sfiso Ncwane’s will and therefore he was not there when it was initially signed.

Asked about the non-disclosure of Sfiso’s assets he said “I don’t know Sfiso”s assets and therefore I relied on Ayanda to be honest and truthful. Otherwise I’d expect her to disclose all the assets. But if she decided to hide them, I wouldn’t know unless someone disputes our case. For now we’ll wait for evidence to prove all these allegations”.

Ayanda Ncwane couldn’t be reached for comment.

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