Ayanda Ncwane Set The Record Straight About Forging Sfiso’s Will.  Ayanda Ncwane who is the widow of late gospel singer Sfiso Ncwane has been making headlines in the past few months as she is being accused of forging Sfiso’s Will.

Ayanda has been contacted by numerous newspapers and journalists regarding the issue. It is alleged that Ayanda had consolidated all of Sfiso’s assets who died in December 2016 due to kidney failure.Ayanda Ncwane Set The Record Straight.

Ayanda responded to the allegations while talking to Ilanga newspapers. She said,” They have really tarnished my reputation, they have said everything they liked about my husband’s death”.

She added that she had nothing to say about the new rumours that have emerged as the matter was in the hands of her lawyers.

Ayanda Ncwane’s step children are determined to get a share of their father’s estate as they think Ayanda forged the Will which says she is the sole beneficiary.

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The children claim that their father could have never left them with nothing since he provided for them before he passed on.

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