Bad News For All Those Who Love Sophie Ndaba, Actress Sophie Ndaba, who previously starred in House of Zwide and Generations is hospitalised.


The Generations star Sophie Ndaba took to her Instagram on Sunday to confirm she’s in hospital.

“God is still at the throne. For us deep thinkers while we dress, lesson one, always be present. I was dressing and in think land cause of what was irritating me all day at stuck at the back of my mind.”

The legendary actress opened up about her recent health challenge after she went out with her friends.

“Had a great day playing golf with my girls. Got home to fit my dress i slipped n snapped my ankle because my mind on the dress and on my disturbed thoughts. Be Careful what you house in your mind too long. Not worth your life.”

Ndaba adds that she’s grateful her injury was not bad and that she has many things to look forward to.

“Thank you to the Drs physio and nurses @life hospital. I’m almost home ready but I’ll keep cast on for another 6 weeks! Welcome to my world in my birthday month.”

Sunday World revealed in 2020 that the talented actress Sophie Ndaba was also hospitalised after falling sick.


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The talented thespian confirmed that she was hospitalised after feeling ill at her Featherbrook Estate house on Wednesday.

“You know that I’m diabetic right, so when you are depressed, your sugar level will definitely go up. So, when they checked me, they discovered that because my sugar level was up, my body was burning a lot of fat.

“So, basically the fat that I take, my body will burn it quickly and that resulted in me losing a lot of weight.”

Ndaba previously suffered multiplies strokes and was involved in a car accident when she collapsed behind the steering wheel.


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