Bahumi Cannot Take Mhlongo Surname Until Somizi Pays Damages, Fans Unimpressed. The reality show Living the Dream with Somizi keeps spilling piping hot tea, and Mzansi is not shy about taking Somizi Mhlongo to task when it co es to his daughter Bahumi Madiskwane showed her vulnerable side when she took on the mission to change her last name to match her father Somizi Mhlongo has found himself under criticism following his reaction to his daughter’s attempt to connect to him.

Bahumi Cannot Take Mhlongo Surname Until Somizi Pays Damages, Fans Unimpressed

In this week’s episode of Living with Somizi, Bahumi Madisakwane showed the nation the reality of being Somizi Mhlongo’s daughter.

The star’s daughter showed her vulnerable side when she opened up about how confused she was. Bahumi has to make a hard decision about changing her surname from Madisakwane in favour of her father’s Mhlongo.

Bahumi is conflicted about changing surnames Bahumi was close to her late grandmother, Mary Thwala, who was also a legendary actress in South Africa.

Bahumi misses her grandmother, saying:

“If I could speak to my grandmother about everything that is happening in my life, especially with surname situation, I’d probably tell her that I am confused. I wish everything was a seamless process.”

Bahumi says this following her mother’s negative reaction to her wanting to change surnames. Bahumi disagrees with her mother, Palesa Madisakwane Somizi’s baby mama Palesa Madiskwane argues that Somizi has not paid for damages, and so culturally, Bahumi’s ancestors do not recognise her, but Bahumi disagrees.

Meanwhile, Somizi was out with his friend Vusi Nova receiving gifts and fans of the show did not take kindly to this.

How it started vs how the romance is going Most accused Somizi of prioritising his friends instead of focusing on settling damages to Palesa’s family, which would free Bahumi to take his surname.

Some tried to defend Somizi’s nonchalance, arguing that he never married Palesa. The Madisakwanes, Bahumi’s maternal family, want Somizi to follow tradition and pay damages for having a child out of wedlock with their daughter Palesa Madisakwane.

‘Living the dream with Somizi’ viewers agreed with the Madisakwane family.

Many followers of the show disagree with Somizi Mhlongo for not paying damages. @_uNeoM wrote: “Bahumi’s grandfather spoke facts.

I hope Bahumi understands and I hope all will be well. Touchy subject but I’m glad she comes from families that know traditional and cultural customs.”

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‘Living the dream with Somizi’ viewers criticise Palesa Madisakwane Some felt Bahumi’s mother was not too keen on her daughter changing surnames.

@ZamangetheZwa14 said: “I also feel like Palesa is making Bahumi feel bad for wanting to be a Mhlongo, man. It’s so sad.” 

Bahumi breaks down crying for her grandmother Bahumi felt overwhelmed by the issue and visited her grandmother’s grave, where she broke down.

Bahumi’s grandmother Mary was close to her as she said the legend actress kept the family together.

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