SOCIAL media sensation Coachella “Oratile Masedi” Randy and Youtubers, Kamo and Kagiso, have set the
bar high in shedding light on the queer community.

Birth of Stars Dollies reach 392k views in just 10 days!

These dollies recently started a reality show on YouTube and in just 10 days, it has reached 392k views, earning
themselves more than 39 000 subscribers.

During the interview, the dollies told Daily Sun that theybwere shocked and happy at the same time as they didn’t
expect to get more than 5 000 views and subscribers in just less than a week.

Randy Said: “To be honest, I was really scared. I didn’t know what to expect you know. Now people are seeing
the other side of us and our life and getting into our space. I didn’t know how to take it. But when I saw how it
went, I was like, when people love you they love you and when you shine, no one is going to dim your light.”

He further said: “I’m really happy that people are taking it well, because we’ve been working on this for quite a
long time, investing our time and energy into it.” The show was produced by fashion designer Orapeleng

“I’ve always had the passion for television, you know. I was inspired by the reality shows that I have been
watching, so producing this show is amazing,” he said.

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The dollies said that the purpose of this reality show is to educate people about the queer community and
encourage and give the queer community confidence in themselves, and also embrace their queer.


“People should expect more content and enjoy the show as this is all for the queer community and to educate
young people about the queer community,” they said. This is a six episode show that will be released every two
weeks on a Friday, and viewers should await

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