Blaq Diamond Allegedly Fails To Settle Their Bill. Music sensation duo Blaq Diamond accused of allegedly failing to settling their bill at The Pavilion Lounge last night. According to gossip blogger Musa Khawula, Blaq Diamond felt a little short when it was time to pay off their bill.

Blaq Diamond Allegedly Fails To Settle Their Bill

After a night of festivities and endless fun last night at The Pavilion Lounge. It is reported that things did not go well for the music duo Blaq Diamond. The pair is accused of failing to settle their bill of all the booze they were drinking at this club last night.

A copy of a receipt from of the bill from last night at The Pavilion Lounge clearly shows that when it was time for the pair to settle their bill, they felt under. An amount of R8500 00 was due to be paid by Blaq Diamond, however the pair failed to pay the full account as the credit card details shows on the receipt that the funds were insufficient.

“Black Diamond visits The Pavillion Lounge and fail to settled their bill a lil over R8500” wrote Musa Khawula

Initially, a video of Blaq Diamond having fun at the club and drinking champagne from the bottles was shared. And when it was time to settle that very same bill for all the alcohol the pair consumed together with their friends, the attempts failed at that.




“Black Diamond sipping champagne he knew very well they had no intention of paying last night at The Pavillion Lounge” wrote Musa Khawula


Tweeps are having a field day as the news of Blaq Diamond failing to settle their R8500. 00 bill at The Pavilion Lounge. One would remember when it was alleged that Ambitiouz Entertainment, where Blaq Diamond is signed was paying the duo a salary of R3500.00 a month.

Tweeps have since mocked the situation Blaq Diamond has landed themselves into, as they have taken under comments to make funny of them failing to settle their bill.


“They probably told the owner ukuthi “Relax-a musa uku panicker” wrote Xavier’s Son

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“Phelile o 3 point 5 base @Ambitiouz_Ent” wrote Oracle Edm Chauke

“Nijabule! But again, it shows that they weren’t making much at your Ambitious… Your artists aren’t just POOR but they are PO’…” wrote Phuti Kwena


“That 8600,Ubezo phuza Friday,Surtday,Sunday,Monday.Ekasi neNgudu zakhe,Never force life that don’t suite your standards, Blooma ekasi and drink Ingudu,And smoke weed instead of Hubbly.,Simple life NO strecc and pressure.Soft life belong to those that can afford,Ye banna” wrote James Mbuso

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