Shepherd Bushiri has skipped the nation, regardless of bail situations expressly prohibiting any type of worldwide journey.Bushiri says he’ll only return for trial in SA if these 5 demands are met

Bushiri says he'll only return for trial in SA if these 5 demands are met

Shepherd Bushiri and his spouse Mary have fled to Malawi, regardless of bail situations prohibiting them from worldwide journey.

The self-proclaimed prophet insists he fled South Africa as a result of his life is in danger, not as a result of he is anticipated in the docks for R102 million fraud and money laundering case.

In truth, he is determined to show his innocence, Bushiri says – simply another reason he has to remain alive in one other nation.

The Bushiris’ spokesperson, Emphraim Nyondo, confirmed the couple had arrived in Malawi on Wednesday. He added that Bushiri’s legal professionals would deal with any affect the travelling has on his bail.

After outing himself on social media, Bushiri acknowledged that he would return to face the South African courts only if these 5 demands are met:

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  • Bushiri is demanding an assurance of security and safety for him and his spouse Mary whereas in South Africa.
  • He desires an assurance that his bail won’t be revoked, although he has damaged virtually all of his bail situations. He says having his bail revoked wouldn’t permit him to have entry to his legal professionals “all the time” and exposes him “further security and safety challenges”.
  • Bushiri is demanding an entire change of guard in the case – together with the investigating officers, arresting officers and prosecution. It seems the only folks allowed to stay on the case are his defence group and the decide.
  • Various complaints made towards the State’s officers and legal professionals, who should be kicked off the case, must be investigated and concluded earlier than Bushiri will think about continuing with the case.
    And, lastly, Bushiri insists “independent and professional investigators and prosecutors” should be appointed, to make sure “independent decisions” are made in the case.
  • Bushiri has requested the Malawian authorities cope with the main points to ensure his demands are met, following his arrival in the nation on Wednesday.

He additionally insists the demands are only in order that he and his spouse can show this innocence.

“In this regard, I am requesting Malawi government to liaise with the South African government to ensure that the above issues are met. Once these five issues are met and I am assured of a fair, just and impartial trial, I am willing to avail myself before the South Africa justice system. I am looking forward to that day because my wife and I have long waited for it to prove our innocence and clear our names,” he stated.

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