Condolences Pour In For Thobeka, Unfortunately, She Is No More. A 41-year-old teacher by the name Of Thobeka Msomi was murdered by her husband, she was shot in the head.

Condolences Pour In For Thobeka, Unfortunately, She Is No More

To make the matters worse he is a police officer who is supposed to be our savior whenever we face trouble in life, but he killed his wife without showing any signs of remorse.
As we are speaking her child must be traumatized, her child found her mother inside a pool of blood.

He deserves to spend most of his life in prison for what he did to her, allegedly her husband was abusive that is why we are urging our mothers and sisters to leave abusive relationships. It’s very rare to make it out of the relationship alive, her husband is arrested.

Even the relative of the late Thobeka Msomi is afraid of her husband, he/she didn’t want their identity exposed for safety concerns. It was exposed that the husband has been laying hands on her for quite some time now.

A relationship is supposed to be healthy, no man is allowed to lay their hands on their partner, and also loving a man doesn’t mean you should be a punching bag. A man who loves his wife would never try to hurt his own woman, a divorce is necessary when the home no longer has happiness.

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She was a teacher and a great role model, she dedicated her life to making sure that our next generation could have a future the painful part is that, most of our mothers and sisters are still going to die at the hands of a loved one.

Police officers should seek council, if people who are supposed to protect us can hurt us we have no hope in life, may her soul rest in peace. When it comes to relationships date a kind and soft man, so that you may live longer.

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