Connie Ferguson’s twin spotted at groove. See their pics and how they look alike.

Connie Ferguson’s twin spotted at groove. See their pics and how they look alike

It seems it’s getting out of hand and wild on twitter as they recently spotted a Connie Ferguson lookalike at a club, there is a trending on twitter were a young lady was taking a picture of herself but people were smart enough to look behind her.

When they looked they saw a young lady wearing a red top that look definitely like connie the famous actress, and there is no debating because it definitely did look like her.

On the picture after it was posted people were making fun of the pictures saying that Connie is now a club person, and that people now drink with her. Could this be a sister of hers or just a minor look alike.

Here is the posted picture from twitter that has been trending and leading mzansi in confusion, the one who is connie lookalike is on the circled picture.

Though some mentioned that the one on the picture looked washed up and not really eating proper and that she is not having the financial makeup that connie is having.

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Here is a picture of the real Connie as it was posted on some of the social media platform to make comparisons to determine if indeed it is her or not.

After the picture was taken and posted on twitter here are the comments it received on social media. They are the screenshots of the comments after the picture was posted.

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