Did Thuli P Confirm DJ Maphorisa Dating Rumours? Thuli Phongolo had fans wondering if she finally confirmed the dating rumours involving her and DJ Maphorisa. If this post is anything to go by and if Thuli is not trying to pull her fan’s legs, she might have finally confirmed what everyone has been speculating.

Did Thuli P Confirm DJ Maphorisa Dating Rumours?

Madumane was just bragging about his wins which involve him having over 125.3 million listens on Shazam. He even said the number of things he achieved over the years in his lengthy career.

Thuli commented by asking why did he leave out the fact that he is also a boyfriend.

Fans posted a video where Phori says he is not sure if he is single or not so he cannot confirm nor deny if he is in a relationship.



Fans do not know how to feel about this saying Thuli should no embarrass herself by claiming a guy who always says he is single on Instagram live.






For the longest time, Thuli Phongolo and DJ Maphorisa have been rumoured to be dating. But they always poured cold water to these claims but certain pictures and videos told a different story.

They always gig together and sometimes Phori plays at her sets. There was drama between them when JazziQ posted a picture with her at a dinner that Phori was not performing at.

He posted a video of himself crying and people assumed that he was hurt by Thuli and JazziQ dating rumours.




JazziQ denied dating Thuli, “This past week I posted a picture with Thuli P and like it was going crazy you know? Now there is a story about me having beef with Phori (DJ Maphorisa) like no one has time for beef bro. It was just a picture and me and Thuli are just mates,” he told the Journalist DJ.




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Other people did not buy this and so they slammed Maphorisa for being weak. Slik Talk even said, “I found DJ Maphorisa crying like a simp. I was like what are you doing? You are DJ Mphorisa. He was saying ‘Oh he took her’. Grow up, man. DJ Maphoisa is a rich simp.”

“He is ugly and rich, you can see that he has been ugly for his whole life and only got girls after high school. Then you have Mr JazziQ who has been a player for his whole life so he took her and dominated. He took his girl and put it on his feed. Then what did Maphorisa do? He was like I’m going to unfollow him on Instagram. What type of clown does that? He is a simp,” Slik Talk said.

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