Dineo Ranaka overjoyed as she is back on The Bridge on Metro FM after suspension. Dineo made headlines last week when she was suspended for joining the Umlando challenge.

Dineo Ranaka overjoyed as she is back on The Bridge on Metro FM after suspension - Video

Dineo was suspended for misconduct because she was dancing on top of the furniture at the studio. It looks like all of that has been settled, she has been reinstated and she is back on The Bridge at Metro FM.

Dineo took to her Instagram to announce that she was going back to her show. In a video, she simulates driving a car fast in what appears to be shot and photoshopped. Dineo then lets us know what is coming up.

She is heard saying she is in a hurry to work at Metro FM, and she is in a new show and dropping her new single, Ukhona. Then she wrote this in her caption as well.


“Can’t stop! Won’t stop! Back on #TheBridge 9-, noon on @metrnoona today 🏆. 1st shoot day of a brand new TV show today 🏆. Dropping my single #Ukhona this week 🏆 Sis is MOVING FAST! 😂😂😂😂🔋🏆,” she wrote in the post.

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Colleagues welcomed Dineo Ranaka back to work. Moflava took to his Twitter page, saying he missed her greatly.
He also wrote…” I brought you a more stable chair in the study. I hope you saw it. Have fun”

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Dineo was said to have been suspended because she danced on furniture and could have broken expensive studio equipment.

According to Sunday World, she was suspended because she refused to apologize when she was called into Kina Hlengethwas office, the station manager. Dineo was then suspended, and a disciplinary hearing could be scheduled.


“She argued that she could not have damaged the mixer because she was dancing with socks on her feet and not with shoes on. This created the impression that she was not remorseful and was defiant,”


Thando Thabethe also joined the Umlando Challenge, and this was seen as showing support for Dineo. Still, the source for Sunday World mentioned that the studio equipment Thando was dancing in was less expensive.
They also mentioned that Dineo was dancing on a mixer which would have caused the whole station to shut down had she broken it.

It looks like for now, and we are still with (Ousie Omotonna) the Big Sister as she refers to herself.
There is no doubt that Dineo is talented as we are also now waiting for her new show and her single

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