DJ Maphorisa has come under fire when a teenage influencer alleged that he is dating her 19-year-old ex-friend. It was alleged before that the DJ likes them younger but no one thought it could be a teenager.

DJ Maphorisa in trouble for dating Teenage Girls

An influencer by the name of Cyan Bouke accused a former friend who is also a brand influencer by the name of Beverly for allegedly sleeping with multiple men. She also revealed a screenshot of a conversation with her where she, Beverly, reveals that she is dating Maphorisa.

Maphorisa has not responded to these claims yet but the two young influencers have been at it on social media. Tweeps are not impressed by Maphorisa’s actions and have called him to order.

This is not the first time the Amapiano DJ has been caught up in some messy scandal. Whilst everyone is trying to figure out his moral compass when it comes to entertaining women fresh from high school, many dug up his old scandalous ways which suggests he likes them young. A viral girl who blows a whistle at clubs was spotted by Maphorisa and he commented saying “she turns him on”, when Twitter detectives intervened they found that the girl was allegedly between the ages of 17 to 19 years old at the time.

Whilst many are debating the ‘how young is too young’ factor by pulling up research which suggests that the legal age in the country is 17 years old, his fans are not impressed at the fact that he dates teenagers, questioning his morals.

Phori’s name has been tainted a few times before and sometimes it’s the fake accounts that cause this. Either way social media never forgets.

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A woman who goes by the name of Zinhle ‘Phori’ Mdhuli went on a Facebook rant in an attempt to expose Maphorisa who is apparently threatening to leak her nudes.

“Apparently the DJ Maphorisa I love and respect has showed me who he really is and he’s using his power over me because he is a celebrity. DJ Maphorisa asked for my naked pictures and promised that he’ll date men and take care of me, because I love him I did it. I know that was stupid of me but now he’s leaking them,” the woman alleges.

The ‘catfish’ wanted to expose celebrities who use women like her to their own advantage simply because they are fans. She also claims that Phori requested her to send his driver some money so he can fetch her to go to his place.

Whilst many are aware that the account is a catfish, they are calling for him to fall as leaking nudes or revenge porn in the country is illegal. But, Phori laughed off these claims despite tweeps up in arms calling for him to be cancelled.

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