DJ Sbu criti·cized after visiting poor Vusi Thanda. Troubled actor Vusi Thanda received a visit from Dj Sbu after requesting donations to his bank account from Mzansi since he is currently in need. In a popular video, the Emzini Wezinsizwa actor appealed for help.

DJ Sbu criti·cized after visiting poor Vusi Thanda

After some viewers gave him money, the media celebrity decided to go see him in person. On social media, several people claimed that DJ Sbu went to see the elderly guy for egotistical motives and to advertise his energy drink, Mofaya.

DJ Sbu visited Vusi Thanda after seeing his social media pleading for help. The Emzini Wezinsizwa actor asked Mzansi for assistance in a well-liked video to pay his rent. The businessman went to see the eminent actor because of his web popularity.Many South Africans opened their hearts and wallets after the former The Queen star admitted that he is currently broke and owes his landlord more over R40,000.

South Africans accused Vusi Thanda of being a terrible guy for unidentified reasons after he requested rent money from Mzansi. On his timeline, well-known Twitter user @ChrisExcel shared images of DJ Sbu with the troublesome actor.

Sbu’s reasons were questioned by several people. Some people criticized him, claiming that he went there to advertise his energy drink, which is apparent in the photos.

Twitter users questioned Dj Sbu’s claim that he gave actor Mofaya since, if true, it would be clear that he was only there to promote his company and make a good impression. Most people have their doubts and question whether he really did have a pure heart when he did what he did.

Others took the chance to point out that Vusi started generating money before they were even born and to ask how he could be in debt right now. They think it’s all a scam and a hoax.

However, another commenter claimed that Dj Sbu would utilize the aging actor to promote Mofaya on his behalf and even brought up the fact that he had failed to promote Zahara, which they thought was embarrassing.


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Actor Vusi Thanda of Emzini Wezinsizwa has spoken out about some criticism he faced after approaching Mzansi with a donation request. The seasoned actor revealed that some viewers of his video made rude comments.

Given that he owed his landlord more than R45 000 in back rent, Vusi stated that after posting his ordeal on social media, he received more than R100,000. When he appeared in an Assupol commercial and was the star of a comedy program on Moja Love, some people wondered where the money came from. He berated people who condemned him for enlisting the public’s support.

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