After revealing that he wasn’t paid a cent on his Reebok deal rapper AKA went on to Instagram to spread a little joy to his fans by dropping a couple of pictures. One picture, in particular, had the internet in a frenzy. In the picture, he is standing with his new girlfriend but what got people riled up was the comment his mom left on the post.DJ Zinhle Reacts To AKA’s Mom.


Lynn left a heart emoji, which had DJ Zinhle fans dragging her for supporting his son in embarrassing and breaking Dj Zinhle’s heart. The comments, all 356 of them, were brutal to say the least.DJ Zinhle Reacts To AKA’s Mom.

Here are a few:

“But she’s busy quarantined in Zinhle’s house ! 😂😂😂😂 this Magogo🤣🤣”

“Lo gogo has to go!”

“She is using Zinhle for her money and fame.”

“She can support her son but not on Zinhle’s couch, using Zinhle’s WiFi and eating Zinhle’s food.”

While others felt like she was within her rights to support AKA because after all she is his mother.

“Lynn doesn’t owe Zinhle any loyalty, she has her own mother. if this is making her son happy enzenjani? Amzonde? Ukuzala akusho ukhuthi seshadile.”

After the backlash, Glammy went on to her own account and said the comments under AKA’s picture had definitely entertained her but because she is in the company of intelligent people (she is quarantined in Dj Zinhle’s house) she won’t let the negativity get to her.

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Today we laughed harder than we have ever laughed during this lockdown period, so thank you for the entertainment ❤️ Today I was reminded once again just how blessed I am to be in the company of people with very high Emotional Intelligence ❤️ Today, again, I’m also reminded of the importance of family and the irrelevance or uninformed opinion.

DJ Zinhle Reacts To AKA’s Mom Showing Love To His New Girlfriend

To add fuel to the fire DJ Zinhle also joined the chat and hilariously aired her on thoughts on the matter.

DJ Zinhle Reacts To AKA’s Mom Showing Love To His New Girlfriend

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