Drama as Lehasa finds our he’s not the father of Khwezi’s baby. See what he does. Is Khwezi’s child not Lehasa’s? See the real father? In the end, Phomolo comprehends that Khwezikazi is confessing all when he tells him that Khwezikazi is holding a huge proportion of money for Lobola.

Drama as Lehasa finds our he's not the father of Khwezi's baby. See what he does

Is Khwezi’s adolescent not Lehasa’s? Might it at any point be said that he is the real deal?

Phomolo realizes that Khwezikazi is orchestrating something he sees as foul, yet he wishes he hadn’t brought it up.

Along these lines, Khwezikazi attempted to be gifted despite Phomolo when he came to see her, as he saw that understanding executioner on the party’s side and felt that he could trust her.

Uncle Phomolo, on the other hand, was more keen than her since he saw that Khwezikazi was concealing something from him, so he went through the waste canister and found the phone and SIM card that Khwezikazi used to talk with the specialist of the game plan.

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At extended shutting Phomolo find reality with respect to Khwezikazi, because of the reality there are two or three occasions where he uncovers Khwezikazi keeping sizeable load of money, and continue to let him know that is for Lobola. …
Skeem Saam:Is Lehasa’s Uncle Phomolo The Father Of Khwezi Baby?

Finally Phomolo find reality concerning Khwezikazi, because there are a couple of times where he finds Khwezikazi holding gigantic heap of money, and keep on telling him that is for Lobola, Phomolo understand that Khwezikazi is arranging something vile, yet he would have…

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Lehasa now not the father of Khwezi’s baby adolescent?

See the certified father.At wide shutting Phomolo track down reality concerning Khwezikazi, because of reality there are a couple of occasions where he uncovers Khwezikazi keeping sizeable store of money, and continue to let him know that is for Lobola. Phomolo understand…

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