A South African woman has revealed that she refused to be served by a Zimbabwean waiter at Wimpy Clearwater Mall in Roodepoort. Drama at Wimpy as SA woman refuses to be served by a Zimbabwean waiter

Drama at Wimpy as SA woman refuses to be served by a Zimbabwean waiter

Shokwakhe said the name of the waiter was Nomatter, of Zimbabwean descent. She went on to ask to be served by a South African, rather than an ‘alien’ she said.

“Today I had breakfast at Wimpy Clearwater Mall a waiter by the name of Nomatter from Zimbabwe came to serve us at our table. I politely told her that I want to be served by a South African. Normalize refusing to be served by aliens”

Her Twitter post sparked outrage with many people questioning her rationale to deny being served by a foreigner when she was buying in a foreign restaurant.

An idiot goes to a foreign owned restaurant chain to spend South African rands and complains about being served by a foreigner? Why didn’t you go to spend at a South African owned restaurant? Your brain is on the wrong side, commented one Tweep.

Wimpy was founded by J. Lyons and Edward Gold in Bloomington, Indiana, United States.

The restaurant chain is now a South African company, owned by Johannesburg Stock Exchange-listed Famous Brands.

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The woman included the famous hashtag, #PutSouthAfricansFirst, as she says she is advocating for the employment of South Africans in restaurants to reduce the unemployment rate.

The #PutSouthAfricansFirst movement is gearing towards the 16 October Clean South Africa campaign, which many people see as xenophobic.

The purpose of the campaign has not been clearly stated by the organisers but it is aimed at reducing the number of foreigners in the country.

The grouping made their ground campaign on the 23rd of September in Pretoria at the Nigerian and Zimbabwe embassy.

ActionSA, a party that seemed to be aligned to the campaign distanced themselves from the xenophobic groupings. In a statement, they said the foreigners are not the enemy but the government which is slacking on implementation and enforcement of strict immigration laws.

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