Duduzane Zuma and his wife Shanice Stork are reportedly headed for divorce. IOL reports that Shanice allegedly moved out from their marital home in 2021. The cause of their divorce is speculated to be Zuma’s career as a politician which steals his time with his wife.

Duduzane Zuma and his wife Shanice Stork are allegedly headed for divorce

“Things became worse before the November 2021 Local Government Elections. Duduzane cared about nothing but his political ambitions that he neglected his duties as a husband…” Zimoja quoted a source.

Apparently, Zuma’s political affiliations even went as far as entering their household. Stork who is 30-years-old, allegedly could not longer handle her space being deprived from her.

“There were always comrades in and out of their house; she could no longer take it…This annoyed her because she loves her space,” the source continued.

Duduzane and Shanice Stork tied the knot at the New Apostolic Church in Durban, on 2nd may 2015.

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Another celebrity couple headed for divorce is Vusi Thembekwayo and his estranged wife Palesa Thembekwayo. Sunday World reported that aside from the abuse allegations leveled against him by Palesa, it seems as though infidelity played a huge role in the alleged divorce.

In December 2021 Sunday World reported that Vusi allegedly assaulted Palesa in their marital home. The report suggests that he apparently slapped her numerous times before dragging her by her feet. A case of common assault against the businessman was opened which he was arrested for. Apparently, the fight broke when he found her sleeping because she was drunk and so he told her to pack her bags and leave but she refused.

They attempted to fix their marriage but all else failed. Vusi tried to defend himself through a statement and shifted blame on Palesa alleging that she abused drugs.

“To address the news first-hand I can confirm that I flew back to South Africa on 6 December 2021 — from an international trip to attend to a situation pertaining to my wife and her long-standing battle with substance abuse. The matter appeared in court this week and has been remanded and is being defended. At all times, I have cooperated with law enforcement to resolve this matter courteously and expeditiously.

“As it stands I maintain my innocence and will prove this in the appropriate forum and trust the justice department to deal with it accordingly,” he wrote.

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He further added, “I believe my record speaks for itself in this regard. I must state that I have consistently maintained my family and personal life as a matter of privacy and never sought to make a public spectacle of my family and subsequently ensure that it be kept separate from my career.”

A source close3 to Palesa said she was hurt by this, “Palesa was hurt by Vusi’s claims that she was abusing substances. She feels he has damaged her reputation beyond repair as a businesswoman and as a mother,” said a source to the publication.

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