Edwin Sodi allegedly offered the same girl you are buzzing about R1.2 million. Recent reports received by Kossyderrickent have shed light on the sensational tale of Ntandokazi, who has swiftly become the talk of the town.

Edwin Sodi allegedly offered the same girl you are buzzing about R1.2 million

The buzz surrounding her centers on her remarkable decision to turn down a staggering offer of R1.2 million from Edwin Sodi, opting instead to remain faithful to her boyfriend.

A Twitter influencer wrote: “This woman by the name Ntandokazi is trending over a video that has gone
viral, all simply because of her humility. Men are praising her for being humble before everything else.
Because a woman who knows humility is a woman who brings peace in a man’s life


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Indeed, the sentiment resonates deeply with many, as it underscores a longing for genuine connections characterized by mutual respect and understanding. In a world where self-centeredness often takes precedence, Ntandokazi’s refusal to compromise her values speaks volumes about her character.

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