Embarrassing video of Shauwn Mkhize at the 2022 BET Awards red carpet goes viral. Mzansi businesswoman and Reality TV star, MaMkhize aka Shauwn Mkhize trended on social media after footage of her at the 2022 BET Awards went viral. In the clip she shared on her TikTok account, Shauwn struts the red carpet at ‘Cultures Biggest Night’ but the paparazzi seems unbothered.

Embarrassing video of Shauwn Mkhize at the 2022 BET Awards red carpet goes viral


Showing off her poses to an uninterested group of photographers, Shauwn wore a black and silver dress with her hair in a bun. The clip pans from her to the paparazzi and nobody seemed interested in taking pictures of her.

Social media users trolled the businesswoman and reality show star for even thinking her fame transcends to American shores.

“This has to be the moment she realized she isn’t as rich and important as she thought she was,” said @ThuliXakana.

“You know when you’re the baddie at your village in Rural areas and every man is dying to have you. But when you get to the cities you realize that you ain’t sh*t and no one cares. That’s how Mamkhize felt in that red carpet,” commented @ChrisExcel102.


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“It’s high time Mamkhize and Andile Mpisane make peace with the fact that, their riches are only a flex to some poor South Africans who envy their lives. Honestly, they have nothing to offer in the entertainment industry, they are trying to fit in everywhere!!”

“The only time Mamkhize is relevant that’s when she splashes her Man. And spoil her son rotten. She isn’t even popular at all, how she spends her Money it’s exactly what draws attention to her side. People are fascinated by her Lifestyle, not the person she is!!”

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