It hasn’t been a bed of roses for Leleti Khumalo and her ex-lover Mbongeni Ngema, after Xoliswa aired their dirty sheets in public.Mbongeni Ngema’s Wife Beats Up Leleti

Fans Weigh In After Mbongeni Ngema’s Wife Beats Up Leleti Khumalo For Sleeping With Her Husband

Last week SurgeZirc SA reported that Xoliswa Nduneni-Ngema the ex-wife of the great playwright Mbongeni Ngema has recently spilled the beans on how she beat up Leleti Khumalo in her Memoir titled The heart of a strong woman.Mbongeni Ngema’s Wife Beats Up Leleti.

Leleti Khumalo the Imbewu actress had an entanglement with Xoliswa’s then-husband Mbongeni and it seemed as if she was the only one who had no clue what was going on between the two.

Xoliswa revealed that her own mother even told her to watch out for Leleti and Mbongeni because she had her own suspicions about them. We’re all aware that when your mother or parent warns you about something or someone they’re 99% most probably right about their instincts.

It’s no secret that Mbongeni was a playboy and had abusive tactics in his days, his affair with Leleti happened whilst they were shooting Sarafina of which Leleti played the leading role of Sarafina.

Its quite clear that she was a favourite because she and Mbongeni would visit Xoliswa’s mom in Daveyton. The two were so in love that they were all over each other and showed great affection not giving a damn that Mbongeni’s mother in law was in their presence.

When Xoliswa had all the evidence she needed she came up with a plan on how she would deal with Leleti decisively, so she went to her hotel room and that’s when she ambushed her knowing that Mbongeni was not around.

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Xoliswa explains how she gave her a beating but made sure she didn’t touch her face or legs as she was performing the following day. Leleti tried crying out for mercy but she was just not hearing any of it, moments later Mbongeni walked into the room and started beating Xoliswa with a switch that she was beating up Leleti with.

Yes you read right Mbongeni started beating up her and from that moment Xoliswa made the decision of leaving Mbongeni because it was clear he no longer cared about her anymore but loved Leleti more. In her Memoir, Xoliswa tells all about her success and beneath all of it the constant abuse she went through.

Fans have weighed in their situation which has been on everyone’s tongues, here are some of the reactions:

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