Generations actor Vuyo Dabula (Gadaffi) finally speaks after allegedly cheating with a transgender woman.It has been 3 days since an Instagrammer by the name of Demi The Doll made those wild accusations against Generations: The Legacy actor Vuyo Dabula. Since then, all eyes have been glued to his social media pages as people are waiting in anticipation for either a statement or reaction to Demi’s allegations.

Generations actor Vuyo Dabula (Gadaffi) finally speaks after allegedly cheating with a transgender woman

After that explosive Instagram Live with The Popcorn Room, Demi The Doll has since gained thousands of Instagram followers. This made people believe that she did what she did for clout and to get more endorsement deals. On the other hand, Vuyo Dabula’s name has been trending for all the wrong reasons.

In true Instagram style, people flocked his latest social media posts to relay a few offensive words towards Vuyo. Instagrammers made comments, which we cannot quote because they were super vile, questioning Vuyo’s s.e.xuality and so did the homophobes come in their numbers as well.

Vuyo silenced all these people by turning off his Instagram comments section off.

A post from 2 weeks ago where Vuyo was boxing was flooded with negative comments, so Vuyo switched them off. His latest post which was also posted two weeks ago, where Vuyo was jogging and enjoying the great sea view, had the most number of negative comments, so he switched those as well.

The man was only enjoying a walk by the sea and so he captioned his post with, “Just a man with the will to survive…change my passion to glory. This run was insane,” he said.

On the other hand, Demi is still enjoying the fame as she continues to throw subtle jabs at Vuyo Dabula. She asked her followers why men lie so much and they engaged with her by sharing their own experiences and opinions.

On Podcast and Chill With MacG, they said Demi looks very attractive and commended her looks.

Last week, Demi made allegations about Vuyo saying they had a secret affair but she said she would have never agreed to it had she known she was married before. “I found him stalking my Instagram, twice, he was watching my story and I saw blue ticks and I thought he was cute and whatever,” she said.
A friend of hers encouraged her to go for it as they though he was into transgender women. “He said he is a single father, and you must know I do not watch Generations… And the thing is I did not even know he had a wife…Is he married, why is there no information about his wife?”

“You guys need to know that these men are trans chasers,” she said.

“Then we went to his house for the second time, but I don’t wanna say it because it is really embarrassing,” she teased.

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In her IG stories, Demi said, “But if we being real, if day one he told me he has a wife I wouldn’t of slept with him. Like sleeping with married men will mess up your luck real fast and I did suspect it but my dumb a** believed him anyway.”

Demi also said Vuyo is not the first celebrity male she had hooked up with but will not expose them because they are in good terms. “What’s so funny is y’all acting like he my first celebrity and I couldn’t wait to tell y’all. No he did me dirty and I did it back. I could give the rest of the names but they genuinely cool guys and they made s*** clear from the beginning,” she wrote.

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