Gogo is enjoying herself very much with a music that it is hot, at this moment in South Africa and there is no doubt Amapiano is now a major genre in South Africa. Apparently she can challenge Lamiez Holworthy.Gogo defeats Dj Lamiez Holworthy in virtual dance battle.

Gogo defeats Dj Lamiez Holworthy in virtual dance battle - Video

She is receiving some cheering around her while she is entertaining her audience through dance moves that are very much fascinating in the world of amapiano and it is compelling from how she is dancing like the youth.

You can see how passionate she is while dancing and her audience keeps on turning in for a huge support around her. There is no doubt she is dishing out the best and current dance move. Clearly Lamiez Holworthy has a competitor.

She is a great dancer and with those Amapiano dance moves, she becomes very much influential and providing current entertainment from the world of Amapiano. Her dance moves are good and currently seen on social media.

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Others says that there is no party that would be considered massive or lit without this South African hot genre playing. This Mzansi’s hot genre it is much favoured at this moment than any other genres. Her competitor must be ready for a battle.

Everyone is much aware of how Amapiano is big in this country and there is no doubt many people are very much happy to be part of this South African movement in music, that it is proudly created in South Africa.

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