Gomora actress Sannah Mchunu (Zodwa’s) dance moves on Youth Day. Gomora actress Sannah Mchunu who plays the role of Zodwa pulled off fantastic dance moves celebrating Youth Day.

Gomora actress Sannah Mchunu (Zodwa’s) dance moves on Youth Day

Indeed, Gomora stars never tire when giving their fans dance moves from behind the camera.

A few weeks ago, they danced and sang, celebrating Nandipha Khubone and Senzo Radebe’s birthday.

Once again, Zodwa was at the centre of the birthday celebrations, but today she took it more profound.

She started dancing to celebrate Youth Day, and everyone could not understand what she was doing.

When celebrating Youth Day, Zodwa went for her funny dance moves and left everyone in stitches.

Being a lady with a strong background in music, Sannah Mchunu surely knows how to entertain people.

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She did, and even Connie Chiume could not keep her serious even when she did not want to laugh.

Leera Mthethwa was another actress in the dressing room and was spotted laughing so much.

Her Gomora baby, Nandipha Khubone, also enjoyed Zodwa’ Sannah Mchunu’s dance moves celebrating Youth Day.


Other than Sannah Mchunu, who celebrated Youth Day with dance moves, many celebs celebrated differently.

Former Bafana Bafana legend Hlompho Kekana also had a message appreciating the work done.

Former Gomora actress Velile Makhoba also celebrated her Youth Day dancing and mixing with many fans.

She spent the day wearing traditional clothes, which looked lovely on her.

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