Good news for all those who love Zola 7. Zola 7’s fans all smiles after this.South African music legend Bonginkosi Dlamini also affectionately known to many as Zola 7, is back in business and we are here for it.

Good news for all those who love Zola 7

It’s been a draining few months for the singer mentally, emotionally, and finally physically, but it seems he is ready to deliver again. Zola assures his fans that he feels much better and is back in action.


The actor took to his social media accounts to share where he is holding a chain with his signature number “7′ and captioned it “He has risen! I feel brand new, now let’s work.” His fans took to the comments section to welcome back and wish him love and light as he bounces back.

A couple of months ago Zola left his fans concerned following a video that showed him to be frail and ill. As a result, many people donated money to his account in order to help him recover. He said he was humbled by the love and support.“I’ve received hundreds of texts asking for my banking details. I see I’m trending on Twitter and plenty of people are offering financial assistance as gratitude. I’ve never expected anything in return for the help I’ve given people in need, but this is truly humbling,” he wrote.

According to Zola, he was hesitant to share his banking information at first due to his pride. “Initially I rejected this notion ngoba I’m a proud nguni man kodwa futhi kuthiwa ungabo jikisa isipho osphiwa sona. Ngakho, ngiyabonga Guluva Nation. I can’t respond to all of you kodwa here are the banking details eniwacelile.”

Astute entrepreneur and reality star Mamkhize stepped forward to assist Zola 7. MamKhize invited him to one of her properties in Sandton where they had a great time together. She pleaded with rich businessmen and Mzansi to assist the struggling legend.“I’m commanding all of you to show Zola love. Guys this is me sitting with Zola and commanding the whole country to show Zola love. I don’t want you one day to show Zola love when he is no longer here.”

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“Spending some much-needed time with my brother @jamazola7. Guys, I just want to encourage all of us to do the right thing especially when it comes to one of our own. Zola is an unsung hero who has been a catalyst for change in our society for many years. Let’s not turn a blind eye. #ShowZolaLove.”

It was rumoured that MaMkhize had given Zola a whopping R1 million but Zola’s team, vehemently denied the reports. “We request that Media kindly report only truth that is verified to avoid spreading false information. Zola has not received any millions / million from any funder as widely alleged / spread,” the statement read.

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