He has a heart of gold: Video of Jub Jub doing charity work impresses Mzansi. Jub Jub made all sorts of headlines when several iconic celebrities accused him of rape.

He has a heart of gold: Video of  Jub Jub doing charity work impresses Mzansi

The whole world was against him, and his career was trembling as no one was willing to give him an ear. Jub Jub was then invited to the podcast show with MacG, where he clarified the rape allegations against him.

As if the rape allegations were not enough, his baby mama Kelly Khumalo accused him of not taking care of his son Christian. Mzansi called Jub Jub names, and everyone thought he was a wicked person who deserved to be rot in jail. However, Jub Jub later said his side of the story and Mzansi realized he was a good man whose image was being tarnished, so he would not excel in his career.

After all the drama that has been happening in Jub Jub’s life, the musician seems to be regaining his feet in the entertainment world. As his career has bounced back with flames, Jub jub is also blessing those who are less privileged.

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If one didn’t know Jub Jub, one would never guess that he is a celebrity; he humbled himself to interact with poor people. The rapper shared on his Instagram a video while giving less privileged people food. He was also integrating with them, taking pictures and charting. In his post, he wrote:

Another butchery 🔪 under the belt…God keeps on doing great things🙏🏽👌🏽

A few people can do what Jub Jub did, and his fans can’t help but praise him for his good deeds. His charity work has impressed Mzansi, proving that he is not an evil human after all. He went through a lot in his life, with his loved ones abandoning him when he needed them the most, but it did not change his heart.

Watch: Jub Jub doing charity work

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