“Head down Makoti” Big Zulu’s family force his wife Lebogang Makenete to serve food traditionally on her welcome dinner.

“Head down Makoti” Big Zulu’s family force his wife Lebogang Makenete to serve food traditionally on her welcome dinner

Like our moms used to, Lebogang Makenete served food customarily to Big Zulu’s family at a welcome supper, leaving Mzansi dazzled. A couple of days prior, Imali Eningi had been moving in the wake of delivering his hit melody 350 Bars, which was sufficiently not.

A couple of days after the fact, he broke titles subsequent to wedding his dear spouse, Lebogang. Congrats, our dear Big Zulu man is currently a hitched man who can sit at the committee of the seniors.


After a long day of stressful negotiations in Soweto, Big Zulu finally got his wife home, and they celebrated. Taking a Makhoti home means that the goalposts have now changed. Tradition is that the ancient play where the groom’s sisters would playfully harass the new married bride will start as celebrations go on.

Part of the welcome celebrations involve the Bride cooking and serving the whole family with her food before they spread in the morning. In doing so, Big Zulu’s family got their chance to harass the new daughter playfully and forced her to serve food traditionally, leaving Mzansi impressed.

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Numerous ladies would end the festivals in tears as the energetic provocation got rough and extreme. This is the conventional approach to saying welcome, and Big Zulu’s family is great at it. Lebo prepared magnificent food that was great to see, however that was insufficient as she nearly served it on her feet. The women around saw it right away and constrained her to serve food kneeling down while breaking into snickers.

Big Zulu has denied several attempts from different reporters to give more information on his personal life but all failed. He refused to comment on his Lobola rumours a few days ago and is happy with it. Indeed, Big Zulu is sure of the risks and dangers of being famous, and he doesn’t want his family and kids to live his life. He wants to start his family on neutral ground and allow them to choose their paths differently. If it means he will be the only family in the spotlight, then be it.

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