Here’s A Reason And Pics To Believe AKA And Enhle Mbali Dated (allegedly) . The list of celebrities who have managed to get everyone’s attention this past week is small but the effect is mighty huge.

Here’s A Reason And Pics To Believe AKA And Enhle Mbali Dated

Every day we are getting new information that is leaving us in awe and wondering what else will be next.

Now today, after an alleged hint by MacG on his podcasts, Mzansi was on alert to find out more information regarding the alleged rumor that AKA and Enhle Mbali once dated.

Thanks to social media the part celebrities try to hide about themselves often come out, no matter how many years it takes. As we have been told in the past, the relationship between AKA and Enhle dates back to before the glam and the fame. As someone who at that time was starting up in his music career, AKA shares images from the old days. The one with Enhle Mbali however led to many assumptions in the comments section.

Both AKA and Enhle Mbali are currently going through a turbulent phase in their lives. With AKA recently having lost his fiance, Nellie Tembe, and the damaging stories that keep coming out daily about his toxic abuse tendencies.

On the other hand, Enhle Mbali is going through a rough patch with her public divorce from Black Coffee.

Musician Zingah shared an image of AKA and Enhle Mbali before money and fame. The caption read “I won’t front, I absolutely love that he’s into black girls”

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This maybe explains the beef that brewed a couple of years ago that saw Black Coffee slapping AKA’s manager.

The whole web of the story is to be treaded carefully because we have seen lawsuits being thrown. Just yesterday, AKA’s ex, Bonang Matheba issued a lawsuit against another podcaster who had gone public and said AKA introduced Bonang to hard drugs.

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