Hungani Ndlovu taking a second wife? Second Wife? Stephanie And Hungani Ndlovu Adding Another Person Into Their Marriage.

Hungani Ndlovu taking a second wife?

Most woman are not frank with the thought of sharing a man especially a husband. Having to live in separate houses and having to have a schedule to see your husband is what most women worry about but Stephanie Ndlovu is not one of them.

Stephanie and Hungani Ndlovu, who play Ingrid and Romeo on the hit etv show Scandal, started their YouTube account amid the dreary days of lockdown level 5 in South Africa.

In just a few months, their channel had a hundred thousand subscribers. When they first started, they televised their marriage and wedding series, which drew a lot of attention because of how public they used to be with their relationship.

They recently uploaded a video on YouTube announcing that they will not be making any more videos this year. They expressed their gratitude to their subscribers and fans, but Steph remarked something odd in the thick of it all.

On the video, she stated she’s been watching Uthando Nesthembu, a reality show about a family who lives in a polygamous marriage. Miss Sandows has expressed her desire for Hungani to marry a second wife.

Even more intriguing was the fact that the second wife has already been picked, and it is none other than their mutual acquaintance, Petronella Tshuma. She also has an experience with acting and according to the Ndlovus, she understands them because she is a freelancer.

Steph said that Petronella’s relationship with Hungani is quite warm and she would not mind to share her husband with her.

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This is pretty shocking, and Hungani has stated that if the video receives 10,000 likes, she will marry Petronella.

Do you think the three of them can live happily ever after in polygamy? Please leave a comment and spread the word.

Watch the full video on YouTube on this link here:


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