‘I have attempted suicide 200 times’: Rapper J Molley [Video], Rapper and ‘Love & Hip Hop SA’ star J Molley has hit back at those claiming he attempted to take his own life in a bid for clout.

‘I have attempted suicide 200 times’: Rapper J Molley [Video]

Reality TV star J Molley has slammed claims he attempted suicide to get attention from his loved ones and his fans.

This comes after the Love & Hip Hop SA cast member released a statement last week explaining that he is embarking on a spiritual journey after attempting to take his life.


Last month, J Molley – real name Jesse Mollett – took to his X account to share distressing posts about taking his own life. At the time, the Life or Death rapper went live on Instagram, displaying different kinds of medications, a knife, a bottle of brandy and several soft drinks.

Following the incident, DJ and podcaster MacG criticised the rapper during an episode of Podcast and Chill, saying he should’ve gone ahead and taken his life.

Responding to MacG and others who lambasted him on social media, J Molleyrubbished claims he was clout-chasing.

“It’s utterly vile and ignorant to accuse me of doing such a thing like that for a PR stunt, to get more likes. I have attempted suicide 200 times. I have been on the brink and I have been [nearly successful] about 14 times. Did I publicise that? No. This is the first incident where I publicised it,” J Molley said.

“I don’t [attempt to] kill myself for attention. I have never written a suicide letter in my life. When I [attempt to] commit suicide, I do it because I want to die, so please stop with the false allegations.”



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The hip-hop artist, who has previously spoken out about his battle with mental health, shed light on depression.

“I’m a strong person, I get up, and I strive for greatness again. I have borderline personality disorder. We go from being extremely depressed to being extremely happy within minutes, hours.

“Do not mock a pain you haven’t endured.

“Praise God that I am still here. I’m clearly here for a reason. I would have been dead long ago. So, I’m on a new journey with Christ to find out what that is,” J Molley explained.


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