“I took meds for four years” – Bonnie Mbuli shares her journey on depression. Bonnie Mbuli recently took to her Twitter to open up on her mental health journey. The star stated that she took medication and saw a therapist for four years.

“I took meds for four years” – Bonnie Mbuli shares her journey on depression

Bobbie’s opening up was as a result of Riky Rick’s passing on Wednesday

Bonnie penned her journey in a series of Twitter posts on Wednesday, recalling a conversation she had with her therapist.

“In my years of therapy fighting depression and anxiety, my therapist said to me after prescribing meds: ‘Bonnie, unfortunately people in your line of work tend to have a huge propensity towards depression, I worry that the meds might make you feel like you can’t excess.’” she wrote.

Bonnie continued, saying that social media were misinformed about mental health and helping it.

“I will always be an advocate for therapy and medication, I took them [meds] for four ears. At first it made me feel weak, like was too broken to face life, but with time it revealed to me the fragility of being human which taught me vulnerability and how to love myself. If u need it, do it.

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“I see people finding joy in jokes about people who have taken their medication, or not. The reality is that most people who find humour in that are in deep throes of shame about their own reality — you can front for Twitter but u can’t front before your darkest moments and demons, there’s a reality that awaits u alone.”

See tweet below:

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