An 87-year-old man married a 26-year-old woman in KZN in a colourful event. The pictures have caused outrage on social media as people suggested the man was too old for the woman. Inside traditional wedding of 87-year-old man who married a 26-year-old woman.

Inside traditional wedding of 87-year-old man who married a 26-year-old woman – Photos

However, some Zulu Tweeps suggested the pictures could be far from the truth as it might be an actual wedding taking place. They suggested that the pair might not be actually dating as it seems from the pictures but they did it to fulfil a culture requirement.

One person who commented on the picture revealed that her brothers married her mother to fulfil the marriage requirement as his father died before marrying her mother. She said the traditional event was for the purposes of introducing her mother to her ancestors and it is important.

“They’re not dating, my brothers (not biological) married my mother because dad died before they could marry, it’s tradition and important to introduce her to the ancestors.”

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Another Tweep seemed to agree with her. He said it could be a case of a traditional marriage event where a daughter is standing for her late mother who died before marrying her father. He revealed that he did the same as he stood for his late father.

“Probably this is his daughter and she’s standing for her late mom. I did this for my mother last year standing for my later father but I was told I’m not the one who supposed to be the acting “Husband” my son should… And that what happened.”

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